Our local YMCA recently received Impact funding through our Community Investment process for two programs. The first, called ACHIEVE, aims to close the achievement gap by ensuring that children from preschool to high school have a year-around support system to ACHIEVE their goals.

Student Opportunities And Resources In North Georgia, or SOARING, is a comprehensive after school and summer program targeting the whole child in both Walker and Catoosa Counties in North Georgia. SOARING students receive homework tutoring, academic enrichment, targeted reading instruction, technological help, character education, structured recreation and wellness activities and nutrition in a safe and nurturing environment.

A local mother recently expressed her keen appreciation of the YMCA programs. Her son is autistic and participated in the YMCA virtual learning center and Open Air Academy. Thanks to ACHIEVE, he has found opportunities to grow and develop in ways his mother had not imagined – for instance, he was able to experience stand-up paddle boarding on the Tennessee River, explore caves and rock climb outdoors. His mother reported she is amazed at the personal growth she has witnessed in him over this past year, and that she is thrilled he has found a place where he is welcomed and challenged. 

To read more success stories and learn about the impact made in the Greater Chattanooga community, see our impact report.