Building Stable Lives

A connected family changes everything.

We all have dreams.

But not all of us have the support we need to achieve them.

United Way of Greater Chattanooga, in partnership with the Helen Ross McNabb Center and the Partnership for Families, Children and Adults, are committed to a two-generational approach which intentionally focuses on the success of children and adults in their lives simultaneously and places the family on a better path towards economic security.

The 4 Key Elements to the 2 Gen Approach


Increase parent’s involvement in their child’s learning activities through workshops, individualized consultations, and other impactful parental education activities.                 

Economic Support

Increase the enrollment of parents in adult education, post-secondary and/or technical and vocational training programs to increase employment skills.

Health and Well-Being

Improve mental health outcomes by connecting families with local health care or mental health providers, preventing toxic stress, and increasing access to quality health care and/or other public assistance programs.             

Social Capital

Improve formal and informal networks of family, friends, neighbors, and community agencies which help develop meaningful connections to build economic security.

More Ways to Get Involved


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Find opportunities to share your time and talents with those who need it most.



Share your voice to impact the education, stability and health of our neighbors.