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Become a Community Investments Volunteer

At the core of UWGC’s work is uniting people and resources in building a stronger, healthier community. One of the ways we do that is by deploying resources raised from community members back into strong, effective local nonprofits who are creating transformational change. The purpose of UWGC’s Community Investments is to drive transformational change in our community by directing our limited resources towards data-driven efforts that deliver the highest return on investment as measured by education, stability, and health & well-being outcomes within the Steps to Success framework. We make those investments through 3 funds: the Impact, Catalyst and Bridge Funds.  

United Way’s grantmaking process has long been different than many organizations. For years, we have relied on community volunteers to lead and drive decisions about the strategic investment of resources in the community. Using an approach similar to participatory grantmaking, Community Volunteers representing the scope of our 6-county region judge, score, and recommend how much money is invested in the organizations and programs we fund. Donors entrust United Way’s volunteer review process to make the best use of their money. United Way staff guide, facilitate, share data and community need, and help frame the process based on best practices, but ultimately funding decisions are directed by community volunteers representing the community itself.  

Participatory grantmaking denotes the need for participation – that is why UWGC worked to design and develop the infrastructure of Community Investments to depend upon the community, not the organization. 

2 ways to get involved and help determine how funds are invested

Committee Member

The purpose of the Community Investments Committee is to oversee the Community Investment application process and make final funding recommendations based on reviews and scoring from Volunteer Advocates for final review and approval of the volunteer United Way Board of Directors.

Volunteer Advocate

The purpose of the Community Investments Volunteer Advocates (VAs) is to provide impartial and objective review for all applications; bring community voice into the investment process; and increase capacity to cultivate deep, meaningful relationships through empowering and supporting organizations in driving strong and effective impact. To apply, click here.

If you are interested in participating in Community Investments, please fill out the application form or contact us at [email protected] 

Applications must be submitted by February 10, 2023. Acceptance notifications will be sent by February 17, 2023. A maximum number of volunteers can be accepted, so the earlier we receive an application, the greater the chance of it being accepted. 

More Ways to Get Involved


Your donation stays local to support life-changing efforts in your own backyard.



Find opportunities to share your time and talents with those who need it most.



Share your voice to impact the education, stability and health of our neighbors.