Volunteer Managers Circle

Creative Discovery Museum 321 Chestnut Street, Chattanooga, TN, United States

Join us for our July VMC Circle! This is an opportunity to connect and share experiences with other Volunteer Managers in the community. Join us for our July Volunteer Managers Circle! VMC Meeting details will be coming soon, so stay tuned.

Emotional Literacy Training

This 6-week course facilitated by Olivia Barber, will lay both a theoretical and experiential foundation for building emotional literacy. 95% of leaders express some level of concern about burnout, and 34% report that staff burnout has been "very much" a concern to them in the last year. Almost 60% of nonprofit leaders identify staff-related concerns as one of their organization's biggest challenges (CEP). Increased emotional literacy has been shown to increase productivity, reduce burnout, build healthier work environments and increase the effectiveness of leadership. This 6-week virtual course will support nonprofits in building a deeper sense of regulation, awareness and emotional literacy to support all of the above. Dates: August 21st 11:30-1p.m. August 28th 12-1p.m. September 4, 11, 18, 25th 12-1p.m. Course Outline: Weeks 1-2: Foundations of the Nervous System and Emotional Literacy Intro to the autonomic nervous system as it relates to stress and resilience Intro to the relationship between nervous system and emotional state Weeks 3-4: Practices and Skills for developing Emotional Literacy Learn practices to build capacity to be present with and experience a full range of emotions Recognize & reprogram habits of emotional avoidance, chasing distraction or rushing to change feelings Build nervous system regulation tools […]

CoStarters 2-Day Collaborative Bootcamp for Nonprofits

United Way of Greater Chattanooga 630 Market St, Chattanooga, TN, United States

A two-day intensive where 2+ nonprofit will strategize, problem solve, and apply business basics to their nonprofit service or program. A two-day collaborative intensive to help (2) nonprofit organizations work together to create a plan to drive transformational change in our community. (Suggestion: Sign-up for our June ALICE Idea Jam here to create a solid foundation for this bootcamp). NOTE: You MUST find a nonprofit partner to collaborate with for this bootcamp. Each (1) organizations will register- filling out their information and payingfor their half of the bootcamp. We kindly recommend that you apply at/near the same time as your partner nonprofit to ensure you each claim a space. During this four-part bootcamp, you’ll collaboratively work with other nonprofit peers to strategize, problem solve, and apply business basics to your idea. The goal of this intensive is to help you collaboratively design (or redesign) a program or service and develop a shared plan of action to prepare you for a joint application to our 2025-26 Catalyst Fund Grant. Come ready for a challenge, stretch your thinking, and apply concrete tools to bring your services to life. This bootcamp is not about listening; it’s about doing. This workshop will be hosted in the […]