United Way of Greater Chattanooga Handles Over $24,000,000 of Tennessee Cares Aid

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Media Contact: Connor Tarter

Director of Marketing and Communications  

United Way of Greater Chattanooga 

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This past fall, United Way of Greater Chattanooga was selected as one of six grant administrators to oversee the Tennessee Community Cares Program (TN Cares) granting them access to oversee and handle over $24,000,000 in aid. Administrators were tasked with handling outreach, marketing and reporting of funds, receiving and approving grant applications and monitoring spending of approved programs as part of the wave of funding for Tennessee nonprofit organizations under the Tennessee Community Cares Program that was announced by Governor Bill Lee.  

The TN Cares program was part of the United States Financial Stimulus Accountability Group designated to provide up to $150 million in aid. United Way of Greater Chattanooga received 1,003 submissions for TN Cares aid totaling $24,239,734. The financial aid requested included COVID-19 related needs related to personnel expenses, COVID-19 contact tracing, distance learning, economic support, food programing, housing support, telework capabilities, medical expenses, nursing homes, payroll expenses, personal protective equipment, public health, and more. 

In addition to partnering with volunteer submission reviewers, United Way was able to work with additional outside consultants to optimize the application process and overall workflow and ensure top-tier quality for the nonprofits involved.  

United Way of Greater Chattanooga was supported in its efforts by Tennessee State Senator Bo Watson (TN-11), who partnered with on-the-ground organizations to ensure the most equitable and accountable process for executing this program in the community. 

“The Tennessee Community Cares Program is exactly what our citizens needed in a time of uncertainty, and I was glad to lend a hand in executing its full potential,” said TN State Senator Bo Watson. “I would like to thank Governor Bill Lee, United Way of Greater Chattanooga, and all the other administrators for their leadership and diligence in making this program as effective as possible. The work we have all done here has made a significant impact on our shared community and our ability to continue weathering this crisis.” 

“At United Way, our mission is to unite people and resources in building a stronger, healthier community in the midst of the COVID-19 crisis, we knew we had to step up,” said Lesley Scearce, President and CEO of United Way of Greater Chattanooga. “We were honored to be selected to oversee such an important task and to have the opportunity to live out our mission by doing exactly what we do best — connecting resources to need through the relationships we have already built as an organization.”  

“We are so proud of the efforts of the nonprofits who stepped up to fight the good fight,” added Suzy Anthony, Vice President of Finance and Operations at United Way. “Many of the nonprofits that we were able to help had never gone through this type of grant application process. So, while we are happy to see them be able to utilize the funds that were approved through Tennessee Cares, we’re also excited to see them apply for future grants now that they understand the process and believe in their ability.” 

About United Way of Greater Chattanooga: At United Way of Greater Chattanooga, we envision a community where all people achieve their full human potential through education, stability, and health & well-being. Our mission is to unite people and resources in building a stronger, healthier community. Together, we drive measurable, lasting impact for our community. None of us can do it alone. UNITED, we can. For more information, visit our website www.staging.unitedwaycha.org